Kayak is a holiday comparison website. The company’s USP is its flexibility in accommodating for hotel, flight and vehicle-hire comparison. My goal was to make this apparent

When designing a campaign for Kayak I decided to focus on the eventual goal of a brilliant location being within arm’s reach, as Kayak makes booking so easy, it’s like the location is literally on your laptop or in your suitcase.


Suitcases make the viewer instantly think of holidays and serve as a flexible format to display different locations across multiple ads.

Decorating the interior of a lift with an iconic tourist attraction will bring the experience of being surrounded by thousands of years of history to the everyday setting of a lift and echo the theme of easily accessible holidays.

As an additional feature, Kayak will introduce a text and social media bot that will instantly tell users what the best deals are. The user simply has to send their preferred trip (either a time, date, price or simply a flag emoji) and Kayak will run a quick test and send them the results back.

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