London Tube and Rail Map


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The Current Map


I think Harry Beck’s London tube map is one of the greatest pieces of graphic design in history, but he had no idea how large the network would become. I feel the current map is somewhat cluttered and intimidating to those unfamiliar with it. My redesign focused on simplicity, balance, and beauty.

The Redesign


The map is mostly used by tourists, who start and/or end most of their journeys in Zones 1 and 2, in order to make the busiest part of the network easier to spot and read, I gave Central London a wide amount of space and framed in an Overground loop.


Visual hierarchy implemented with the lines, tube lines (most frequent) in bold solid colour, other TFL services (less frequent) in a pastel shade with darker border, National Rail services (least frequent) as hollow lines. This draws the attention of the eye towards the busier services and subconsciously suggests the most regular option.

Overground, DLR and Tramlink services are now displayed as the multiple services that they rather than one line and named after the areas they are mostly within or the station they terminate at.


Media Coverage

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Prints available on:Prints.png
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