London Transit Map Design (Version 1)

Tube Map Redesign-01(click to enlarge)

The current map can look cluttered and intimidating to the unfamiliar eye. I decided to keep the same design principles in my redesign with an emphasis on simplicity and readability.

My first change was to give additional space to zones 1 and 2 by expanding the spaces between stations and using a larger font size than the inner zones. The busiest part of London is now easier to spot and is much easier to read.

TubeLegI implemented a visual hierarchy for the lines. The first column shows Underground lines where services mostly run every few minutes so solid eyecatching colours are used to draw the eye to them.

The second column (non-Underground TfL services) uses a slightly hollow line for mid-level frequency services that run around every 10 minutes.

The final column uses a hollow line to display National Rail services. These lines often only see a few services per hour, therefore they are the least important and least eye catching. Stations that only serve National Rail services have their names displayed in a lighter grey to draw the eye to the darker names of the busier TfL stations.

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