Soft & Gentle

Soft & Gentle were launching new additions to their range, “0% Aluminium” and “Intimate Care”. For this campaign to be effective, it was imperative their products be positioned as fresh, healthy, comfortable and suitable for sensitive skin.

SG Wide
Smell is the strongest sense. Deodorant is one of the most important parts of any outfit, yet often purchased and applied without much thought. To correct this, I displayed visually what a Soft & Gentle scent can do for your first impression.

SG Tall
By placing women in beautiful flower dresses in everyday, often sweaty situations, I presented Soft & Gentle as a way to alleviate discomfort and agitation. Making the choice to ‘Dress Fresh Every Day’ is now equivalent to choosing serenity over irritation.

TLC-DigiDue to physical and file size limitations in some digital formats I created an alternative layout where the flowers instead surround the headline and a bottle.

Point of Sale: The final step of the journey will also be freshly dressed, depending on the options available, a combination of decorated shelving units and flower “necklaces” will create a full experience.

SG SiteAll creative imagery and experiential aspects of the campaign will be collected on a new page on Soft & Gentle’s website. The main features are:

  • “Today’s Fresh Dreshers”: A collection of posts from women who use post a selfie #DressFresh, building an empowered and engaged community
  • Touring fresh dresses, clues and information on an ongoing competition that rewards people who find mannequins in flower dresses around the country
  • Summer freshness tips, general lifestyle tips that fits the ethos of Soft & Gentle

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