TLC: Tea, Love & Coffee

TLC: Tea, Love & Coffee is a coffee house chain looking to develop a familiar and friendly product, not to mention a collection of convenient and welcoming locations.

To create the identity I aimed for a contrast between a simple heart and elegant script, granting depth to the brand with the shape subconsciously encouraging affection between TLC and its customers.

TLC’s use of colour distinguishes it from competitors. The official colours of TLC will change every season to reinvigorate the brand and mimic the real life experience of its customers. This colour change will mostly be shown through the disposable cups but will also be displayed on in-store signage and online channels.

Coffee houses will feature reclaimed wood and exposed brick, providing the large seating areas with a characteristic warmth and rustic, yet urban sense of comfort.

The TLC uniform will be flexible, a simple charcoal apron over a coloured shirt of the employee’s choice, blending professionalism and personality.

TLC Coffee can be bought in white bags with coloured stripes for indicating blend variance. Set off by a TLC branded “window” so the owner can easily check how much coffee they have left.

Boxes of teabags will follow a similar design to the coffee bags. A minimalist pattern runs around of different colours for different blends. Also displayed are the heart shaped labels on individual teabags and the teaspoon shaped sugar containers found in the branch.

The TLC app will get to know its user, remembering their favourite drink and updating them on this season’s limited edition drinks. Customers may order drinks for collection, avoiding queues while acquiring TLCoins, store credit the customer will earn from their order.

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