Video & Animation

FKC Logo Animations

FKC is an integrated advertising agency based in central London. The company prides itself on it’s small size with mighty results, to illustrate this “Small but Mighty” mascot animals and insects were selected. The Hummingbird, Mantis Shrimp, Ant and Bee were selected as they all achieve great feats despite their small size

FKC Showreel

Every agency needs one! Selecting only the very best of FKC’s video work and editing Panic! At The Dicso’s “Nine In The Afternoon” to fit resulted in an upbeat showreel the agency can be proud of.


After creating the identity and logo for ModernGamerTV, the also required a short animation to open their videos with.

A collection of techno-esque sounds and video game silhouettes complimented the circuit board theme to create a memorable introduction for MGTV.

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