Flag of Coventry

I have long been interested in vexillology (the study of flags). In a way, I view it as one of the oldest and purest forms of graphic design, in that an identity must be presented in a visual format but in a fashion easily recognisable from a distance, memorable and simple to reproduce. When a

TLC: Tea, Love & Coffee

TLC: Tea, Love & Coffee is a coffee house chain looking to develop a familiar and friendly product, not to mention a collection of convenient and welcoming locations. To create the identity I aimed for a contrast between a simple heart and elegant script, granting depth to the brand with the shape subconsciously encouraging affection

Bethnal Green Barbers

A brand identity for an East London Barber named after the bohemian neighbourhood of Bethnal Green. I created a face out of a combination of scissors and a moustache for the centrepiece of the logo, providing a friendly yet explanatory identity. While the logo uses different colours for the two parts it is also intended

Scratch Media

The Scratch Media brand is bold and eye-catching. I created a new typeface for the logo to reflect the unique nature of the company. The four scratches in the “A” represent the four divisions of the company. Scratch Media consists of four divisions, each with their own media, team, and therefore, identity. The flagship Scratch