London Tube and Rail Map

(Click to open full size map) Prints available on: The Current Map I think Harry Beck’s London tube map is one of the greatest pieces of graphic design in history, but he had no idea how large the network would become. I feel the current map is somewhat cluttered and intimidating to those unfamiliar with

Papa John’s Pizza

In-Store Advertising 5 concepts prepared for a brief requiring promotion of seating areas in selected Papa John’s locations. Direct Mail High amounts of information condensed into deliverable materials. Digital Banners Photo editing (official Papa John’s pizza imagery and boxes adding to images) and artworking of a full suite of digital banners. Emails Monthly email templates

London Boat Show 2018

The London Boat Show is an annual event held at London’s ExCel centre. For it’s 60th year I prepared digital advertisements and printed boards shown within the event. View more projects  

London Transit Map Design (Version 1)

(click to enlarge) The current map can look cluttered and intimidating to the unfamiliar eye. I decided to keep the same design principles in my redesign with an emphasis on simplicity and readability. My first change was to give additional space to zones 1 and 2 by expanding the spaces between stations and using a